Alumni Success Stories
At PGCC, we are dedicated to preparing talented and skilled students to become the next leaders in the world of golf. Here are a handful of success stories from PGCC graduates...

Scott Erdmann, PGA

Assistant Golf Professional, Lake Oswego Country Club
Runner up at 93rd Annual PGA Professional National Championship

"I graduated in April of 1997, and I’m an Assistant Golf Professional at Lake Oswego Country Club in Oregon and I like to play in a lot of tournaments. One of the big things I took away from my time at PGCC was really very subconscious. I learned professionalism, a way of conducting myself, and it has served me well in all of the years since I’ve been there. I really loved the instructors. I still have fond memories of times I spent working in the swing lab improving my game.
The essence of golf to me is teaching, that’s what I love. Having the ability to teach AND play is so important to me; I got into the golf business and PGCC because I love this game."

Alan Rogut, GCMA

Director of Golf, Braemar Golf - The Old Course at St. Andrews

"I was passionate about golf and was considering turning professional or moving into golf management and PGCC seemed to offer the right combination of experienced personnel and educational courses. I learned a tremendous amount there, and discovered that I was more suited for a management role than teaching, although I really enjoy teaching as well.
Understanding the core concepts of running a golf facility, attending seminars with some of the larger management companies, role play and working with focus groups was a good grounding for what was to follow in my career. PGCC taught me to believe in myself and to have the confidence to go out and exploit my potential."

Bill DeVore

Assistant Golf Professional & PGA Apprentice, The Club at Longview

"I graduated in December of 2010 and I‘m working for The Club at Longview. I think the most valuable lesson I learned at PGCC is to always put forth my best work; that the hard work will always pay off. PGCC prepared me very well, in my opinion; I came out a better player, instructor and golf professional. Being able to learn from great instructors helped me to understand the game better and helped shape me into the golf professional I am today.”

Jim Musick

Owner, Titusville's La Cita Country Club

"PGCC graduate, Jim Musick, exemplifies one of the basic tenets held by PGCC: Attitude is everything. After graduating from PGCC he began his golf career as a cart boy in his 40’s and never lost sight of his goal of owning a country club. “It was tough,” Musick says, “but I was willing to take anything.” He finally got a job at a country club taking inventory of its pro shop. The job was just four or five hours a day and paid $6 an hour. After a few months, he was promoted to assistant golf pro. From there his golf career started to take off.
He eventually went to work for American Golf Corp until one day a call from a friend led him to his dream job, owner of La Cita Country Club.”

Cody Botella, PGA

Center Manager, GolfTEC

"I’m a graduate from August 2007, and I work for GolfTEC Huntington Beach. PGCC taught me that attitude is everything. I loved the networking, the atmosphere and the lifelong career guidance. Attending PGCC and earning my degree showed that I posses knowledge of the game and the business, but it also showed my devotion to golf as a career."

Ryan Skoglund

Certified Personal Coach, Director of Instruction & Center Manager, GolfTEC

"I graduated from PGCC in August 2007, and I work for GolfTEC Boston, now. At PGCC I learned the importance of professionalism and understanding all facets of the golf industry. I believe that understanding all of these areas truly helps us as golf professionals to understand and help our clients, students and members. One of the things I loved most about PGCC is that I was able to be educated...
in something that I love and am passionate about. If everyone who worked could have an education in something they’re passionate about, we would have a much happier society.

PGCC helped me break into the golf business by exposure to employers and by being very credible. PGCC is known everywhere and employers know that we’re ready for any job in the industry once we graduate."

Eddie Godefroid, PGA

Assistant Golf Professional, Ansley Golf Club

"Godefroid, a graduate from the Orlando campus in December 2009, has a sincere love for fostering relationships with club members. “I truly believe that we aren’t in the golf business, but in the people business and those people happen to play golf.” Godefroid, who passed his Playing Ability Test while he was still in school at the Professional Golfers Career College, is slated to complete his PGA Apprenticeship in 2012”

Andrew Thompson

Assistant Golf Professional & Tournament Coordinator, MetroWest Golf Club

"Andrew Thompson, an August 2009, Orlando graduate, cites Golf Teaching I-IV as his main inspirations. Thompson has always had singular focus and after selecting the Professional Golfers Career College as the place to pursue his golf education, he notes that his world just opened up. “There wasn’t anyone at the school who couldn’t answer a question.”