Summer 2013 President's Cup

PGCC Logo It isn’t a stretch to think that students at a school filled with golfers would take competition very seriously but every semester that is exactly what happens; competition gets serious. As the semester draws to a close, our students enjoy playing against faculty in PGCC’s signature tournaments: the President’s Cup, the International Cup and The Old Time Tournament. These are three longstanding traditions at PGCC, and the camaraderie built on the course every day gets taken to a whole new level. Last week PGCC Temecula played their President’s Cup at our sister cite, the Legends Golf Club, with the Orlando and Hilton Head campuses to follow soon.

After qualifiers determine the top student-players at each campus, pairings are made, and the games really begin. Played in Ryder Cup format, where one point is awarded for every hole gained, and a half point is awarded for every hole tied, the “P Cup” allows each student an opportunity to compete against the faculty, a considerable challenge, even for the best of the best. One of several end-of-semester tournaments the “P Cup” engages students in healthy competition, exposing them to the rules of match play format that directly emulate the Ryder Cup style.

For the tournaments, captains are designated and it is their responsibility to select the organization of the players, and therefore, the make-up of teams; who plays single matches and who plays teams. Captains are the backbone, the leaders and the moral support for the tournaments, but in the end, it is the players have to deliver on their potential to bring home the win. Despite temperatures that were reaching triple digits, the players kept their focus and on Day 1 the faculty pulled ahead and stayed ahead. At the end of day 2 it was the faculty who walked away with a final score of 16 ½ to the students 1 ½, and a second consecutive President’s Cup victory.

Congratulations to all teams on a game well-played, and best of luck to the next group of brave students to take on PGCC Temecula’s formidable faculty.

Temecula Students:1 ½
Temecula Faculty:16 ½