In Memory of Fred Brattain

Last week we lost one of our beloved family members, Fred Brattain. Fred was a Spring 2006 graduate of PGCC Temecula, and a Vietnam veteran, who eventually went on to become CEO and Director of Instruction for the Disabled Golfer's Learning Foundation. Fred started the foundation to rehabilitate disabled veterans through the game of golf; a response to his own experiences of being wounded and feeling that he was perceived as inherently less-than as a result of his injuries.

Fred worked with his fellow disabled veterans to peel back the damaging effects of conflict, and help heal his fellow veterans by teaching them to golf. One of Fred's former instructors, and Dean of Students at PGCC Temecula, Jim "Wilkie" Wilkinson, remembered Fred's bravery. "In class he would share his past struggles and he set such an incredible example of for his fellow classmates. He was such a special, special guy."

Fred was one of PGCC's featured "Success Stories" and we are so proud of his accomplishments. In his "Success Stories" profile, Fred shared a little bit about his time here and what it meant to him, and we felt it would be a good time to honor his legacy by revisiting his story.

"I graduated from PGCC in April of 2006, winner of the Old Tom Morris Award. I came to PGCC to find the information and the connections necessary to launch the Disabled Golfer's Learning Foundation (DGLF). Without my time at PGCC I would not have had a clue how to get the foundation off the ground. Learning the ins and outs of the business, and the contacts I made while I was there, made launching the foundation possible."

The best thing I took from PGCC was a firm understanding of how the golf industry operates, and all of the connections I made with others in the industry. Those connections led to several breakthroughs for the DGLF. What I love most about PGCC are the people. The things I value most from my time there are the dedication of the staff to providing a quality education, and all of the friendships I made. I have continued to maintain contact with several of the instructors and administrators as we have moved our foundation forward, and their continued support has been amazing.

Without that experience, I would not have been able to get the foundation off the ground. I am in debt to the faculty and staff at PGCC for making this dream possible.”

If you visit the website for the Disabled Golfer's Learning Foundation you will see a quote from Sir Walter Simpson that Fred selected; this quote sums up his entire philosophy. "There is no shape, nor size of body, no awkwardness nor ungainliness which puts good golf beyond reach. There are good golfers with spectacles, with one eye, with one leg, even with one arm. In golf, while there is life, there is HOPE."

We will miss Fred's candor and genuine kindness, and we will always be grateful to have meant so much to a person who meant so much to us.