PGCC Alum at Top of His Game

Scott Erdmann at 93rd Annual PGA ChampionshipIt has been a little over 10 years since Scott Erdmann, Assistant Golf Professional at Lake Oswego Country Club in Lake Oswego, Oregon, graduated from the Professional Golfers Career College, and all these years later he may be the perfect embodiment of what every student who attends the golf college ultimately wants; He’s got a great job on a beautiful golf course, and his nice little side job winning golf tournaments. In 2011 Erdmann beat out over 320 competitors to play at the 93rd Annual PGA Professional National Championship, where he tied for 2nd after playing for 4 days.

“It was really exciting. It was televised; there was a lot of really good energy.” This isn’t his first brush with playing in championship tournaments; Erdmann won the 2009 Pacific Northwest Assistants Championship, the 2005 Oregon Assistants Champion, and he was runner up in the 2010 Pacific Northwest PGA Championship and 2009 Section Assistant Championship. Though he’s very humble, it appears that accomplishments of this sort come very naturally to Scott, “In my early 20’s I had the course record of 63 at Pumpkin Ridge…I still hold the record.” After looking at his list of playing accomplishments there’s no room to argue that he was aptly named the 2009 Section Assistant Professional Player of the Year.

In the 10 years since he graduated from the golf college he has arrived here in part because of one thing he took away from his time at PGCC. “One of the big things I learned was more subconscious. I learned a way of conducting myself and being professional.” Behind Scott’s journey to becoming a professional golfer is a long history playing the game, which is still a top priority in his life. “I got into the golf business because of a love of the game and competition.” He noted, “People move on to other industries because they put other things ahead of their game.”

With a winning record like that, it is clear that Erdmann has his priorities in order, “Truthfully, my goal is not to change, I live a very happy life.” He remarks, “I play a lot of tournaments, as a Head Golf Pro, something’s got to give. I love to teach, I love to play, being a Head Golf Pro doesn’t leave a lot of time for that, and I love teaching.” This simple fact is evidenced clearly by the way he speaks about it. “The essence of golf to me is teaching.” noting also, “Having the ability to teach and play the game is so important. I love working with our members and giving them a great experience.”

It makes sense that his love for teaching runs so deep, golf has been a part of Scott’s life for many, many years. “Like a lot of kids I started pretty young. My best friend’s dad was a golf professional so I was exposed to it around 10 and that’s when my passion for it began. Had that not happened, who knows how my game would have been.”