Students Volunteer at T.K.E. Tournament

Kyle Lograsso at The Legends Golf ClubKyle Lograsso is part of a very small demographic of people. People who have met Tiger Woods? People who can shoot a round of golf under 70? People who have a charitable foundation named in their honor? He is all of those things and more, but Kyle is also one of fewer than 300 kids in the United States who are diagnosed with retinoblastoma each year. It is challenging to see how a potentially fatal diagnosis can have a silver lining but the Lograsso family has certainly found a way to unearth the potential for doing good.

January 2012 marks 7 years that Kyle has been cancer free and the Professional Golfers Career College is a proud supporter of his cause, and his calling. Kyle’s Lograsso, now 9, has a highly unusual gift; he has a near perfect golf swing. The 9 year old golf prodigy has never had a lesson in his life and because of his natural talent, and love for the game, he has been able to raise awareness of the rare cancer that threatened his life a few short years ago. Though he is a bit of a poster child for cancer awareness, having a rare cancer is not his legacy. The legacy he is building is one of triumph, will, and resolute strength. Certainly some of this strength comes from his parents, Jeff and Regina Lograsso, who started the Through Kyle’s Eyes Foundation in their son’s name.

One of the ways they have begun raising awareness around retinoblastoma is by putting on the annual Through Kyle’s Eyes Championship Golf Tournament. This year marked the 2nd annual tournament, which was projected to raise twice as much as last year’s tournament, totaling over $60,000 for retinoblastoma research.Dr. Tim Somerville and Jeff Lograsso at The Legends Golf Club

Volunteering to help with the Through Kyle’s Eyes Foundation is more of a reward than a contribution for the students and the school. Putting on a tournament is no easy feat and since learning of Kyle’s story, and tournament, the Professional Golfers Career College has been committed to helping the foundation. Armed with a ready supply of professional, eager, knowledgeable students who are honored to help Kyle’s cause, the golf college is well represented by the volunteer staff who help keep the tournament running smoothly.