Dennis Walters at The Legends Golf Club

Dennis Walters' Lessons on Golf and Life

The Dennis Walters Golf Show strikes an inspiring balance, with equal parts spectacle and sincere outreach Dennis uses his strength of character, forged in the wake of a fluke accident to drive home the importance of never giving up on your dreams. Your life’s purpose can sometimes have a funny way of finding you, in 1974, shortly after turning pro, Dennis was in a golf cart accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, which is why he is performs all of his shows, and executes each of his trademark shots, perched alongside his specially outfitted golf cart.

Dennis visited the Professional Golfers Career College to spend some time talking with students about the obstacles he’s overcome and how they can do the same with any challenge that arises in their path. The product of many years of tireless practice Dennis has mastered how to hit golf balls using everything from a radiator hose to a cell phone, but more importantly he’s mastered how to overcome mental obstacles.

After a Q&A with the student body the presentation was taken to the Legends Golf Club at Temeku Hills, for the trick-shot show that has become his trademark. Once on the course Walters can fully display the customized golf cart with a swivel seat that allows him to create a natural looking and feeling swing. On a sunny southern California afternoon students sat out and enjoyed the show, and Walters’ sidekick, Bucky, a dog that knows golf trivia!

At the end of the day perhaps the biggest lesson gleaned from his presentation is that with focus and dedication, nothing can keep you from achieving your dreams, and accomplishing what you set out for yourself.