The President's Cup

Top students at all three PGCC campuses welcomed the President's Cup Tournament this week. In Temecula the competition was played at the beautiful Legends Golf Club, with the Hilton Head and Orlando competitions taking place at the Oldfield Golf Club, and Champion’s Gate Golf Club, respectively.

Played in Ryder Cup format, the “P Cup” allows each student to compete against the faculty, a considerable challenge, even for the best of the best. The "P Cup" is just one of several tournaments engaging students in healthy competition, and exposing them to the rules of match play format that directly emulate the Ryder Cup style.

Now that the chips have fallen, with one point awarded for every hole gained and a half point awarded for every hole tied, it is the faculty who came out ahead at each campus.

2 days of competition brought staff and faculty scores a total of:

Temecula Faculty – 12
Temecula Students - 6

Hilton Head Faculty – 10
Hilton Head Students – 2

Orlando Faculty – 7
Orlando Students - 5

Congratulations to both teams, and best of luck to the next group of brave students to take on PGCC’s formidable faculty.