The International Cup

I CupIt isn’t a stretch to think that students at a school filled with golfers would take competition very seriously but every semester that is exactly what happens; competition gets serious. Each campus has designated Captains and it is their responsibility to select the make-up of teams, who plays single matches and who plays teams. Captains are the backbone, the leaders and the moral support for the I Cup, so congratulations to Temecula Captains Craig Dolan, and Chris Batchelor, and Orlando Captain Richard Tann.

The International Cup marks the close of a semester, and nearly the last tournament graduating seniors will play at PGCC. In typical tournament fashion all of the preceding matches serve to prepare players for the most challenging showdown at the end of each semester. After making it through the last 6 weeks of qualifying tournaments, the top 36 students compete against the faculty in 4 modified alternate shot ball matches.

The tournament was held March 27th thru the 29th and the Legends Golf Club hosted the competition for PGCC Temecula, with Champion’s Gate Golf Club hosting in Orlando. This semester’s match was a nail-biter right to the last putt. I Cup TeamA close match, to be sure, but the thrill of neck and neck competition came to a screeching halt when students firmly took their lead and made it clear; The International Cup is ours.

2 point lead was the name of the game in Orlando and Temecula. Temecula students retained the cup with a two point lead that turned into a 13 point victory over the faculty’s 11. Orlando students held tightly onto their lead as well, taking home the cup with a 10 to 8 win over the faculty.
Some call it the luck, but students at PGCC have taken instruction to a whole new level, teaching faculty a thing or two on the course.

Temecula Students: 13

Temecula Faculty: 11

Orlando Students: 10

Orlando Faculty: 8

Hilton Head Students: 7

Hilton Head Faculty: 17