Welcome Summer 2012 Freshmen

PGCC Logo This week marks the first week of school for our Summer 2012 Freshman class. While advice is traditionally offered as commencement is underway, it’s not a bad idea to offer a few words as the 16 months sets off to its start because, believe it or not, it will fly by. One of the basic tenets at the Professional Golfers Career College is that “Attitude is Everything”, but what exactly does this mean?

According to Bryan Barth, Executive Director of PGCC Hilton Head, this means: “You're always going to get out of PGCC what you put into it.” Continuing, “Students who do this volunteer and learn…and they succeed without fail.” His knowledge comes from first-hand experience he gained while attending PGCC from 2004 to 2005.

Eric Wofford, Executive Director of PGCC Orlando, also attended the golf college from 2007 to 2008, and he seconds Barth’s sentiments. “I like to tell students to look at their time here as a 16 month interview. We are not a traditional school where you can show up for class and skate through. You arrive on time, dress professionally, participate in your classes…if student’s just try to put their best foot forward every day, imagine what they can get out of their time here.” Reaffirming his point he shares that “As a student I saw this, and now as an E.D. I see this, when a student has this mindset, people take notice, everybody thinks ‘Wow. This guy is good.’ And we know that that student is prepared for wherever they are going.”

It’s no surprise that Barth and Wofford share the same sentiment about how to succeed; both graduated from PGCC Temecula, and studied under Jim ‘Wilkie’ Wilkinson, PGCC Temecula’s Dean of Students, and a legendary fixture around campus.

If you ask Wilkie what advice he has to offer incoming freshmen, his words are simple and, unsurprisingly, similar to the advice above. “I want students to realize that this is their time to take advantage of all of the experience they have here.” Adding that “There are 24 hours in your day, you’re only in class for four of those hours; take advantage, ask questions. The best players I’ve seen are the players that ask the most questions, they’re always learning something.”