The Big Three: Fall 2012's Tournament Season in Full Swing

AJGA It isn’t a stretch to think that students at a school filled with golfers would take competition very seriously but every semester that is exactly what happens; competition gets serious. The President’s Cup, the International Cup and The Old Time Tournament are three longstanding traditions at PGCC, and the camaraderie built on the course every day gets taken to a whole new level.

For the tournaments, captains are designated and it is their responsibility to select the organization of the players, and therefore, the make-up of teams; who plays single matches and who plays teams. Captains are the backbone, the leaders and the moral support for the tournaments, but in the end, it is the players have to deliver on their potential and bring home the win.

The International Cup

The International Cup marks the close of a semester, and nearly the last tournament graduating seniors will play at PGCC. In typical tournament fashion all of the preceding matches serve to prepare players for the most challenging showdown at the end of each semester. After making it through the last 6 weeks of qualifying tournaments, the top 36 students compete against the faculty in 4 modified alternate shot ball matches.

The Temecula campus selected the Legends Golf Club to host the competition, with Hampton Hall Country Club hosting in Hilton Head and Orlando splitting their time between the Palmer Course at Reunion Resort, and the Grand Pines Golf Club. This semester’s match in Hilton Head was a nail-biter right to the last putt. A close match, to be sure, but the thrill of neck and neck competition came to a screeching halt when students firmly took their lead and made it clear; The International Cup is ours. Orlando students held tightly onto their lead, taking home the cup with a 15 to 13 win over the faculty.While the faculty did a little bit more than edge out the students in Temecula.

Some call it the luck, but students at PGCC have taken instruction to a whole new level, teaching faculty a thing or two on the course. Congratulations to I Cup captains and co-captains: Jeff Mauldin (Orlando), Karin Kim and Shane Swindler (Temecula), and a special round of applause for Juan Palacios and Jayson Galindo (Hilton Head) who led their team to the first student victory over faculty since Fall 2010!

Temecula Students:
Temecula Faculty: 15½

Orlando Students:15
Orlando Faculty: 13

Hilton Head Students: 12 ½
Hilton Head Faculty: 11 ½

The President's Cup

The top students at all three golf college campuses welcome the President's Cup Tournament every semester. Played in Ryder Cup format, where one point is awarded for every hole gained, and a half point is awarded for every hole tied, the “P Cup” allows each student an opportunity to compete against the faculty, a considerable challenge, even for the best of the best. One of several end-of-semester tournaments the P Cup engages students in healthy competition, exposing them to the rules of match play format that directly emulate the Ryder Cup style.

The students who served as captains and co-captains of this semester’s P Cup were; Carter Martinson and Anthony Mastrangelo in Hilton Head, and Brandon Damaskos and Andrew Ellis in Temecula, and James Prescott in Orlando.

In Temecula the faculty took a substantial lead in Individual Matches on day 2, though it deserves mentioning that Chiwon Suh and Jae Hyun Suh, finished at 4&2 making them the only students to take home a win on day 1. In spite of their best efforts, after 2 days of competition, students relinquished the cup and it is the faculty who came out ahead in Temecula and Hilton Head. Congratulations to all teams on a game well-played, and best of luck to the next group of brave students to take on PGCC’s formidable faculty.

Temecula Students:3
Temecula Faculty:15

Orlando Students:18
Orlando Faculty:10

Hilton Head Students:2
Hilton Head Faculty: 10

The Old Time Tournament

Old Time TournamentSet foot through the door of any of PGCC’s three campuses and you will see the same thing; royal blue letters mounted on a wall informing you that Golf is History, Tradition & Character. At the Professional Golfer’s Career College this statement is more than a welcome mat, it is a principal philosophy. Three times a year this tenet is put to practical use during the Old Time Tournament.

The Old Time Tournament is a competition played in scramble format, exclusively by graduating seniors. Each team is comprised of four players and one caddy. The game begins with each player teeing off from the same spot, with the next round of play beginning where the best shot landed; this is continued until the ball is sunk into the hole. However, it is not the format that makes this tournament unique; it is unique because of the historically respectful manner in which it is played.

Players are outfitted in garb specific to golf’s very early years with students typically outfitted in a uniform of pristine golf shoes, knee socks, knickers, a sweater or vest over a crisp shirt, and a newsboy cap. Though the attire is no longer de rigueur, it is reminiscent of a bygone era that was saturated in style. Adhering further to the traditions of yesteryear, all players, and their caddies, walk each of the 18 holes on the course. Old Time TournamentGolf carts did not exist when the game was being formed and as a result, the automobiles are excluded from the day’s proceedings.

Transportation is not the only arena in which developmental technology is restricted. During the Old Time Tournament there are no such developments as sophisticated engineering, lightweight materials or adjustable heads. Students play with hickory shafted clubs and older versions of golf balls. Undoubtedly, there is a great appreciation for the advances of the game after the tournament commences, given that both the instruments and types of swings have evolved considerably.

The Old Time Tournament is homage to the rich and cherished history of the game of golf and while one of the primary goals is to reward the seniors with a peek into the origins of one of their life’s greatest passions, you simply can’t ignore the fact that a few days before they graduate they are taking away exactly the same lesson they learned upon arrival at PGCC; Golf is History, Tradition & Character.