Rickie Fowler attends VJGA Awards Banquet at PGCC

PGCC Logo There’s nothing like the satisfaction that comes from working with people who share your vision. The Professional Golfers Career College and the Valley Junior Golf Association can count themselves among the long-standing partnerships whose shared vision brings great satisfaction, and strikes a balance that makes the other shine brighter. Established in 1987 the VJGA is a non-profit junior golf tour that runs a staggering run 30 tournaments a year for kids 5 to 18 years of age, and they have always maintained their belief that: “Golf is good for kids.” a sentiment that PGCC can totally get behind.

Formed to promote the traditions of golf and encourage competition and camaraderie among junior golfers the VJGA was created to educate young people about the game of golf, the skill, self-discipline, the competition and the joy of the game. At PGCC our mission is to educate the future leaders in the world of golf, and in this case that really means that we can pick up where the VJGA leaves off.

Returning to your roots is an important pilgrimage in life and career, especially in a sport that has such a rich and far-reaching history…and that’s exactly what happened at the 2012 VJGA Awards Banquet, a southern California native returned to his roots with a surprise visit. The VJGA selected PGCC Temecula to host the banquet, which was held in the St. Andrews Auditorium, the pride and joy PGCC’s Temecula campus. Setting foot in the auditorium is taking a step back in time, which made it all the more entertaining to see so many young faces.

Lou Skovron is the Director of Golf at The Legends Golf Club, and co-Director, alongside his wife, Valerie, of the VJGA. He took a moment to explain why golf is good for kids “My wife and I have been involved with VJGA since 1989 and along with the tournaments we try to show kids what they can learn from golf that's going to help them in everyday life, and growing up.” And the truth is, they ought to know. The Skovron’s son, Joe, who had his own successful playing career and launched the “Beyond the Links” clothing line, is a graduate of the VJGA and he certainly is in good company. Presently Joe is a caddie on the PGA Tour for none other than Rickie Fowler, who also happens to be a graduate of the VJGA.

Skovron continued that “Ricky started playing golf with the VJGA when he was 4 and he was at the banquet to show his support for the VJGA.” Rickie didn’t come alone, another former VJGA player, Joe Skovron, made an appearance at the award proceedings. The Banquet bestowed sportsmanship awards and awards for the 2012 Player of the Year, Runner-up Player of the Year in each age group, alongside the Steele Plate Award for most-improved (named for PGA Tour player Brendan Steele, another VJGA alumnus). Mike Pugh and Baylee Barckley took home the Rickie Fowler Award for best stroke average for the year.

If having an award named after him wasn’t enough, at the end of the awards Rickie Fowler was inducted into the VJGA hall of Fame, alongside another familiar name; 2009 inductee Doctor Tim Somerville, President and Founder of PGCC. Skovron remarked “We had 120 kids and parents and everyone had a great time with our surprise guest Rickie. PGCC has been a great supporter of Valley Junior Golf for many years, and has allowed us to use The Legends Golf Club as a home course,” continuing that the “VJGA is very appreciative of Dr. Somerville and PGCC for their support.”