Faculty Spotlight on Steve Adamiak

Chances are pretty high that if you’re reading this, you love golf. Perhaps you’ve played a variety of sports throughout your life but golf ultimately won your affection over all the others. If this sounds like you, I’m sure you can relate to Steve Adamiak, a longtime faculty member at our Temecula campus, and Director of Instruction at the Redhawk Golf Club. Like you, Steve’s love of golf began early. Adamiak shared with us, “I’ve been playing golf since I was 6 years old. My dad and grandma used to take me out on a par 3 course as a kid.” He continues, “I was involved in all kinds of sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, and football, but have always been passionate about golf.”

Looking back at his early athletic career feels like a walk down memory lane, back when we had nothing but time to be outside. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine that somewhere in that nostalgic moment is the origin of the golf professional in all of us; the person who wants to build a career in one of history’s most celebrated sports and retain that sense of play in our daily life as we grow older. Adamiak continues, “I started working as a caddy at a club when I was 13 years old, and have worked in the industry ever since.” Getting such an early start means that Steve has already been playing for over three decades, which is exactly the kind of thing you want to hear about the person who teaches our Techniques of Golf Teaching I, and Clinic Planning courses.

Over the last 25 years he has worked at public courses, private courses, golf schools, and driving ranges beginning in Des Moines, Iowa, where he also earned his degree in Recreation and Sports Management from the University of Iowa. Adamiak recalls, “After college I went to Amelia Island, Florida for 5 years, on to Long Island, New York for 2 seasons, and then Southern California for the past 10 years.” Covering such a diverse geographical area over all these years has allowed him to observe an array of practices and environments, equipping him with an adaptability that he passes along to students. And you have to admit, whatever he’s doing is really working...after all,Steve was the recipient of the 2010 Teacher of the Year Award for the Southern California P.G.A. Inland Empire Chapter, a cherished moment in his lengthy career.

A PGA member for the past 12 years, he still has great memories of winning a high school state championship and making a double eagle in his golf career but, in his words, “I love teaching the game and am most proud of the relationships I have with my middle school and high school students who desire to play the game at a high level.” He concluded, “The best thing about golf to me is the feeling of making a difference and bringing some happiness to people on a daily basis.”

Fall 2013 Commencement

Fall 2013 CommencementCongratulations to our Fall 2013 Graduates! Graduation ceremonies for all of the PGCC campuses were held to honor the students who have successfully completed their 16 month curriculum and earned their Specialized Associate's Degree in Professional Golf Management.

All PGCC graduates leave their respective campuses with a thorough understanding of the business of golf. As part of their educational career at PGCC, students engage in various areas of study to include marketing, business management, food and beverage, and golf course design, to name a few.  These areas of study help prepare golf college graduates for the professional golf industry and all that it entails.  Many students are quickly sought out by highly regarded golf courses across America and around the world for their breadth of knowledge that makes them uniquely qualified for various positions.

Although it is hard to say goodbye to these great men and women we have come to know so well, we wish them the best in their future endeavors!


Temecula Campus
Geoffrey E. Buchanan
John R. Calhoon
Andrew R. Carlson
Qiushou “Lian” Duan
Benjamin W. Greenwell
**Harrison A. Heublein
Shuling Huang
*Corey M. Huber
Jordan B. Johnson
*Ronald D. Miersma
Logan A. Navellier
Gregory J. Ochoa
Alexander G. Romcevich
*Christopher D. Roraback
Thitivut “Todd” Rungphanarat
Dominic M. Schuler
Seung Ho “Kenneth” Shin
*Michael W. Soerensen
Jordan W. Thomas
*Timothy G. Turner
Guido Vidotto
**Shaun M. Whelan
Jiaming “Lucy” Yu

* Denotes a Graduate With Honors
** Denotes Valedictorian or Co-Valedictorian

Hilton Head Campus
Christopher R. Bain
Daniel P. Boisvert
Marcus H. Campos
Michael P. Caris
**Matthew A. Eisenmenger
Tyler R. Fago
Riley O. Hansen
Brian A. Helms
Richard A. Hove Jr.
Timothy C. Junis
*Jeremy W. Kalnbach
Jonathan J. Killion
Shane A. Kinney
Chad L. McDade
Randall D. Melton
Ryan Moscow
Christopher R. Moylan
Robert F. O’Leary
Devin Pruitt
Mary Grace Reynolds
Ryan D. Roberts
*Seth W. Rockwell
Michael A. Sparks
Brian D. Tabb
Travis D. Titus
Lee Malcom Wilburn
Dylan W. Wright

Orlando Campus
Joshua Baker
Ginger Bellanca
Connor Dawson
Brian Dempsey
Nathaniel Derby
Matthew Entwistle
Matthew Farrell
Brett Heitzman
Derek Koertje
Skylar Hopf
Payne Lund
Alex Martus
**Timothy Meiner
John Reidhead
Ryan Southworth
Matthew Thomas
Daniel Valderrama
Mathew K Wisley
Heeil Yang