Summer 2013 International Cup

AJGA The International Cup marks the close of a semester, and nearly the last tournament graduating seniors will play at PGCC. In typical tournament fashion all of the preceding matches serve to prepare players for the most challenging showdown at the end of each semester. After making it through the last 6 weeks of qualifying tournaments, the top 36 students compete against the faculty in 4 modified alternate shot ball matches.

The Temecula campus selected the Legends Golf Club to host the competition. Sadly for students, it was a close match but they did not come out on top. On day one, the faculty team firmly took their lead and made it clear; The International Cup is still ours. It might be too early to call it a lucky streak but, Faculty at PGCC Temecula have taken instruction to a whole new level, teaching students a thing or two on the course.

Congratulations to all International Cup players on their sportsmanship, and a game well-played!

Temecula Students:5
Temecula Faculty: 7