World Class Golf Instructor Hosts Clinic for Students

AJGA For those of us who feel like we’re running in circles when it comes to improving our game, I have good news. Accomplished clinician, speaker and author, Wally Armstrong, who is also a former PGA Tour player and world-class golf instructor, says we’re on the right track. According to Armstrong, who took some time to stop by The Legends Golf Club and host a clinic for our students, the key to improving your game is to become a “circle-maker”.

So why believe that it’s that simple? Because Wally Armstrong knows the game... and he can prove that it is that simple. Armstrong earned his lifetime PGA Tour membership after competing in more than 300 PGA Tour events in his career, and in the 1978 Master's, he finished fifth, setting a rookie scoring record of 8 under par at the time. In addition to those credentials, he has consistently been hailed as one of the most innovative instructors in golf, in great part because of his props. He uses everything from hula hoops to hockey sticks, hangars, extremely short clubs, long ribbons etc.

If you believe in the adage ‘if you can’t do, teach’ you couldn’t be more mistaken, Armstrong can do both. A 1966 graduate of University of Florida he earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education, and All American honors in golf. Recognized by his peers as an unparalleled instructor, Armstrong earned praise from Gary Player who said “'Wally is a true master at teaching the feel of the swing."

Armstrong, who played on the PGA Tour from 1974 to 1984, and the Nike and Senior PGA Tours in the mid-nineties, led PGCC students through some of the basics of his philosophy, demonstrating along the way. Our students got the opportunity, some through volunteering and others through nomination, to test out his theories and training aids.