Fall 2012 Commencement

Congratulations to our Fall 2012 Graduates! Graduation ceremonies for all of the PGCC campuses were held last week to honor the students who have successfully completed their 16 month curriculum and earned their Specialized Associate's Degree in Professional Golf Management.

All PGCC graduates leave their respective campuses with a thorough understanding of the business of golf. As part of their educational career at PGCC, students engage in various areas of study to include marketing, business management, food and beverage, and golf course design, to name a few.  These areas of study help prepare golf college graduates for the professional golf industry and all that it entails.  Many students are quickly sought out by highly regarded golf courses across America and around the world for their breadth of knowledge that makes them uniquely qualified for various positions.

Although it is hard to say goodbye to these great men and women we have come to know so well, we wish them the best in their future endeavors!


Temecula Campus
Jim G. Burgess
Mark Cabrera
Matthew R. Chan
Richard J. Clark
*Patrick N. Crouch
*Brandon T. Damaskos
Jayson L. Davis
*Joseph J. Dendary
Andrew S. Ellis
Rhett E. Finney
Minsuk Han
Joshua A. Hartson
Castavious Henderson
*Kelly Jean-Paul
Thomas J. Jeffery
Daniel K. Kelzer
*Hyun Jung Kim
See Dong Kim
*Carlos G. Loera
Dallas C. Lopez
Jeffrey M. Marshall
Terence E. Mata
Samuel J. Moncrieff IV
Troy E. Poling
**Glynn H. Rodgers
Paul R. Romain
Aunggoon Srisujaritpanich
*John F. Stehle
Chiwon Suh
Jae Hyun Suh
Richard S. Swindler
**Robert S. Thompson
Collin M. Yost

* Denotes a Graduate With Honors
** Denotes Valedictorian or Co-Valedictorian
Hilton Head Campus
James Baird IV
*Andrew P. Barker
*Kyle Robert Beardslee
Bryan Canty
*Scott A. Denney
Anthony John Faries
*Jayson W. Galindo
Jose’ Antonio Gutierrez M.
Jack W. Howard, Jr.
**Daniel Hubert
David Jaroszynski
*Derek Jay Kohler
Benjamin A. Letendre
Carter Martinson
*Anthony R. Mastrangelo
Chris Alan McCance II
Robert Michael McDade
Robert F. Noble, Jr.
Ryan Michael O’Shea
Juan Delfino Palacios
Travis Alan Pedlar
Zane Grey Willis
*Kevin Daniel Wright
*Aric R. Zuberbier

Orlando Campus
*Carlo Arini
Taylor Alexander Bennett
*Jake Brown
Jonathan M. Cahlander
*Joseph J. Capabianco Jr.
*Frank Centamore
*Corey Collins
John Paul Cordova
Skyler W. Estes
Daniel J. Fitzpatrick
*Taylor J. Fulbright
David Girard-Allard
Mackenzie Grooms
*Scott A. Guzinski
Michael Hatton
Corey Holland
Dylan W. Hopper
Jonathan J. Jewell
Douglas A. Konidaris
*Marcus J. Lambert
*John Lassen
Marc A. Lavimodiere
Ryan M. Lawrence
JungYeol Lee
**Jeffrey H. Mauldin
Chase McCarthy
*Matthew Eric Mendez
Edward Millet
Kevin J. Naylor
Ryan Otten
*James Prescott
*William Josef Seidl
Quinn Sliker
Filip A. Strzelecki
*Benjamin A. Torch
Nigel Domenic Vessels